Sophia Huyn



Hometown: West Hills, CA

Rod of Choice: Athena SAS 80-H

Follow: @fishnsoph

Blackwater Pro Staff
LARRC Chum Line Co-Editor and Trophy Chairperson
Gold Coast Lady Anglers member

Advocate and mentor Sophia Huyn’s love of fishing started with a single trip to the Channel Islands. Since 2006 she’s had a passion for the sport that runs much deeper than just fishing. Her goal is to pass on high standards for sportsmanship and the enjoyment of recreational fishing to future generations of anglers.

Sophia is a volunteer and trophy chairperson with the LARRC Foundation which provides fishing experiences for disadvantaged and at-risk children. In addition to introducing youngsters to the enjoyment of the sport, the Los Angeles Rod and Reel Club Foundation provides scholarship opportunities and sponsors fishing events for veterans and children with special needs.

Besides sharing her passion for fishing with others, Sophia has had plenty of trophy catches of her own. From fresh water bass in Calabasas Lake to giant Atlantic bluefin tuna, she enjoys it all. She’s dropped a line in the waters of Alaska, Washington, New York, Baja and mainland Mexico, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Canada and of course her home state of California. Her accomplishments include: 244lb Pacific halibut (2012), 288lb Yellowfin tuna (2015), 148.6lb Pacific bluefin tuna (2015), and an approximate 1,200lb Atlantic bluefin tuna (2018).

Whether she’s fighting the big ones or spending her day fishing yellowtail on the iron, Sophia cherishes meeting great people and making memories with the fishing community. She is proud to represent Seeker and her favorite rod is the Athena SAS 80-H. With this 8ft rod, she is confident in casting a bait out and comfortably able to land anything. She’s landed 100+ lb yellowfin and bluefin tuna, 30lb white sea bass, keeper halibuts and calicos. She says, ‘It’s even great for jigging for rock fish!’