Lori Mueller

Lori Mueller
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Lori Mueller


Hometown: Torrance, CA

Rod of Choice:

Lori Mueller has fishing in her blood and got her start at an early age. Her grandfather worked on a sport fishing boat out of Hermosa and ran a bait boat out of 22nd Street Landing. Her father started as a commercial fisherman before he graduated high school and eventually had his own sport fishing boat, the Redondo Special. She spent her childhood in her father’s shadow learning the ropes and developing a lifelong passion for sportfishing.

This busy mom of two loves being on the water and separating herself from the busy chaos on land. Most of her fishing is done locally inshore, at Catalina, San Clemente Island or offshore for tuna. She gets on a few longer 7-10-day trips in throughout the year fishing the waters off Mexico and has been fortunate enough to visit the Amazon to fish for peacock bass and other exotics.

She has plenty of catch highlights to brag about, but her proudest fishing moment is actually seeing her son share the same passion. In the last year alone, she got to witness him catch an 86-pound yellowfin tuna and a 100-pound bluefin tuna. Like her father and grandfather before her, she’s happy to pass the passion along to somebody else, especially the next generation. Read more about Lori at Bloody Decks BD Fishing Chick.