Ariel Cuna

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Hometown: Eagle Rock, CA

Rod of Choice: Black Steel 270-8, Hercules 80H-8, Super Seeker 670-8

Follow: @seafabcustoms

For professional kayak guide Ariel Cuna, fishing has always been a way of life. Growing up in SoCal, he enjoyed family camping trips up and down the coast with stops at every local pier. Family fishing trips and camping out of a station wagon fueled a fishing addiction and soon Ariel was on a charter trip every chance he got.

It’s on those charter trips as a teen that Ariel’s history with Seeker began.

“I remember seeing all the hardcore salts on the party boats with their awesome gear. What stood out the most was the rods everyone had — from the captains of the boat to deckhands, and the majority of the regulars I looked up to — they were all Seeker Rods.”

On one Catalina charter, the captain handed Ariel his personal rod and coached him through a hot yellowtail bite. By the end of the day, Ariel had successfully landed several yellowtail – and successfully eaten all the hearts. The rod was deckhand wrapped and the logo said Seeker. It was that day Ariel realized he had to get one of those rods. Shortly after, he purchased his first Seeker at 18 years old.

Over 25 years and 30 Seeker rods later, Ariel is a successful kayak guide and custom kayak anchor, and metal fabricator. He’s proud that Seeker is an important part of his fishing life and career. And to this day, he’s still using his two favorite Seeker rods that are over 20 years old.