Rail Boss

For the seasoned long range fisherman, rail rod fishing has become a standard technique. However, for the long long range fisherman taking to the seas for the first time, it may be a method for relieving the stress on your arms, shoulders, and hands. It is a bit of a departure from the days of relying on a rod belt and harness to strap you in for the battle of your life.

The RailBossTM line of Seeker Rods was designed for the fisherman who like the feel and flex of an all glass Rail Rod. The RailBoss is constructed of 100% E-Glass. They are all 6’6” in length and rated from 50lb to conservatively 100lb line in 4 models. Each of the Railboss rods are equipped with indestructible fore grips for durability when levered or run across the boat’s rail, and the rods are all finished with Fuji BHBNG heavy duty ring guides.

Seeker has enjoyed a long history of high quality products. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality at reasonable prices and the RailBoss is no exception. If you are planning a long range trip of 10 days or more, consider the RailBoss for your rail rod.



UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793605927RR50-6 1/2'6'6"40-60
754793605934RR60-6 1/2'6'6"50-80
754793605941RR80-6 1/2'6'6"60-100
754793605958RR100-6 1/2'6'6"80-130


*Polyurethane coatings require the use of denatured alcohol during the clean up of the blank in lieu of the traditional acetone. Acetone is a polyurethane dilutant and will breakdown the finish of the blank. Please take note as our warranty does not cover the finish and use of acetone.