Seeker’s jigging and popping rods have seen enormous success in various markets and types of fishing. These versatile, lightweight yet incredibly strong rods are muscling their way into many angler’s quiver. Although this S-Glass and graphite rod was originally designed for deepwater vertical jigging, the tip is slightly more sensitive than other jigging rods, in all but the XH versions, allowing variations of use. Slow tapered and lightweight, any angler will find a Hercules that suits their needs. Available in ten spinning and conventional models, from 6’ to 9’, as light as 15# and heavy as 100#, the HerculesTM line is well rounded. Built with Fuji Titanium plated SiC guides, Fuji reel seats, lightweight EVA handles, and a contemporary wrap.



UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793000319SHS 60H-6'6'30-60
754793000418SHS 60XH-6'6'50-100
754793000012SHS 70L-7'7'15-30
754793000111SHS 70M-7'7'20-40
754793000210SHS 70H-7'7'30-60
754793000227SHS 70XH-7'7'50-80
754793000310SHS 80-8'8'15-30
754793000326SHS 80H-8'8'20-40
754793000410SHS 90-9'9'15-30
754793000411SHS 90H-9'9'20-40
UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793021314SHS 60H-6' SP6'30-60
754793021413SHS 60XH-6' SP6'50-180
754793021017SHS 70L-7' SP7'15-30
754793021116SHS 70M-7' SP7'20-40
754793021215SHS 70H-7' SP7'30-60
754793021018SHS 70XH-7' SP7'50-80
754793021320SHS 80-8' SP8'15-30
754793021338SHS 80H-8' SP8'20-40
754793021410SHS 90-9' SP9'15-30
754793021411SHS 90H-9' SP9'20-40


*Polyurethane coatings require the use of denatured alcohol during the clean up of the blank in lieu of the traditional acetone. Acetone is a polyurethane dilutant and will breakdown the finish of the blank. Please take note as our warranty does not cover the finish and use of acetone.