Blue Lightning II

Another S-Glass and graphite composite blank that outshines the competitor’s inshore rods. This marriage of materials lends itself to lightweight, strong, and more importantly, durable rods that can cast baits accurately with the power to pull the fish out of the weeds. No need to worry about “blowing up” S-Glass composite rods, even after years of use. Finished with polished stainless Fuji Alconite guides and tested by the best inshore fishermen, these rods have seen a resurgence recently after many fishermen experienced failures in all graphite inshore rods.



UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793370573BCSW 705-7' T7'08-15
754793370672BCSW 706-7' T7'10-17
754793370870BCSW 708-7' T7'12-20
754793380701BCSW 807-8' T8'10-17
754793808816BCSW 808-8' T8'15-25
754793385881BCSW 858-8 1/2' T8'6"15-25
754793390885BCSW 908-9' T9'15-25
754793390908BCSW 1008-10'10'20-30
UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793370566BCSW 705-7' S7'08-15
54793370666BCSW 706-7' S7'10-17
754793370863BCSW 708-7' S7'12-20
754793380770BCSW 807-8' S8'10-17
754793390886BCSW 908-9' S9'15-25
754793370924BCBW 709-7' S7'20-30
754793365869BCBW 658-6 1/2' T6'6"15-25
754793365968BCBW 659-6 1/2' T6'6"20-30
754793365906BCBW 659H-6 1/2' T6'6"15-40
754793370917BCBW 709-7' T7'20-30
54793380993BCBW 809-8' T8'20-30
754793576012BCBW 909-9' T9'20-30
754793444128BCSJ90-9' CT9'20-30
754793444207BCSJ100-10' CT10'20-40


*Polyurethane coatings require the use of denatured alcohol during the clean up of the blank in lieu of the traditional acetone. Acetone is a polyurethane dilutant and will breakdown the finish of the blank. Please take note as our warranty does not cover the finish and use of acetone.