Seekers new Beacon kayak/small vessel rods were built with the kayak angler in mind. Seeker in conjunction with Kevin Nakada of Sea Samurai Kayak Charters designed a rod that offers real solutions for issues kayak anglers face using a typical finished rod. Starting with a composite blank, made in the USA with Hexcel fiberglass, the rods are designed for the rigors of Kayak fishing. Featuring Fuji K guides to help eliminate wind knots while fishing braided line, a shorter butt section more suited for fishing on a small vessel, a slick butt rear grip for easy in and out of rod holders, a rubber gimbal for use with most kayak accessories, Fuji’s heavy duty graphite reel seat, diamond pattern hypalon fore grip to provide unparalleled grip even while wet. The attention to detail doesn’t just stop at components. All Seeker Beacon rods are painted a custom Coast Guard Safety Orange in a matte finish to make your vessel more easily seen in all water environments. With 5 models ranging from 15-25lb to 50-80lb class rods, the new Seeker Beacon is a game changer in the kayak fishing world.


UPCModelLengthLine Rating
754793400157BKR 7620-7'6" C7'6"15-25
754793400164BKR 7330-7'3" C7'3"20-40
754793400171BKR 7040-7' C7'30-50
754793400195BKR 6650-6'6" C6'6"40-60
754793400188BKR 6660-6'6" C6'6"50-80


*Polyurethane coatings require the use of denatured alcohol during the clean up of the blank in lieu of the traditional acetone. Acetone is a polyurethane dilutant and will breakdown the finish of the blank. Please take note as our warranty does not cover the finish and use of acetone.