Alaska Series

The Alaska Series has been in the Seeker lineup for a decade. These true standbys are the rods that many Alaska charter operations have counted on for their durability and strength. In the series are two deep drop halibut/cod rods. They are built on the classic E-Glass blanks that Seeker has been known for since the inception of the company. These are the same tough blanks that have been a staple in the Southern California long range market as well as the east coast bluefin fishery. The trophy halibut and ling cod landed on these rods are far too numerous to count. These two rods are the right rods for travelers and charter captains alike.



UPCModelLengthLine Rating
54793300106AK 6455XXH-5 1/2'C5'6"50-130
54793663607AK 663XXH-6 1/4' RS/RT6'3"60-100