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Seeker Trout Rods are the perfect rod for the traditional trout fisherman and the not-so-traditional as well. Our rods are built on US built Seeker 2-piece S-Glass blanks ranging in length from 5½’ to 7½’. These are blanks that are built to last and built to perform. The concept for bringing back a glass trout rod was simple. People want a good quality rod that won’t break the bank. They want a rod that is “Kid-Friendly” and that is simple to maintain. The Seeker Trout Series is exactly that. You won’t pay for high-end materials when you are fishing today’s dough baits. Its just not necessary. In the lineup, there are rods for those who prefer to use artificial lures. They cast exceptionally well and will handle the big fish with no problems at all. There are even rods in the longer lengths that will work well for both flat line trolling as well as on downrigger. These may be the finest Made In The USA trout rods on the market today.