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100% E-Glass w/ Reinforced Butt Section for Durabilty Fuji BHBNG Ring Guides and Matching Tip EPDM Grips with Reinforced 3M Cold Shrink Inlay Triple Wrapped by Hand with Artistic Detail


For the seasoned long range fisherman, rail rod fishing has become a standard technique. However, for the long long range fisherman taking to the seas for the first time, it may be a method for relieving the stress on your arms, shoulders, and hands. It is a bit of a departure from the days of relying on a rod belt and harness to strap you in for the battle of your life.

The RailBoss™ line of Seeker Rods was designed for the fisherman who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on a rod and reel for such a specialized style of fishing. It is for those who want the right tool for the job but choose not to spend a ton of money.

The RailBoss is constructed of 100% E-Glass. They are all 6’6” in length and rated from 50lb to conservatively 100lb line in 4 models. Each of the Railboss rods are equipped with 3M brand cold shrink tubing for durability when levered or run across the boat’s rail. The cold shrink has been reinforced by high durometer rubber cork tape for additional durability. Finally, the rods are all equipped with Fuji BHBNG heavy duty turbo ring guides.

Seeker has enjoyed a long history of high quality products. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality at resonable prices and the RailBoss is no exception. If you are planning a long range trip of 10 days or more, consider the RailBoss for your rail rod.