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Seeker Pro Staff, Corey Sanden, of MC Swimbaits

Corey Sanden is the owner of MC Swimbaits and arguably the greatest innovator in soft plastic swimbaits in the entire fishing industry. His innovation in weedless bait technology and technique brought many Southern California fisherman their personal best saltwater bass catches whether in quantity of fish or size! He developed the 8” MC Slug which many other manufacturers chose to duplicate. He then moved on to the 7” weedless bait which he says anyone can effectively fish and catch large inshore species. Now he is on to the new large paddle tail baits called the “Viejo” series aptly named after his good friends on the tournament circuit.

These innovations in bait creation and selection required the same level of intense development on the side of the fishing rod. For many years, inshore fishermen used what they had available to them. Typically it was a graphite “trigger-stick” designed for freshwater bass fishing. The use of non-stretch spectra lines coupled with high test fluorocarbon leaders on top of the stiff graphite rods, the system would react to the strike of the fish even faster than the fisherman. It all resulted in short strikes and lost fish. It was Seeker Rods who came to Corey with a solution. Utilizing the highest grade S-Glass and combining that material with high density carbon/graphite created a composite rod that had the soft tip of a glass rod and the power of a graphite rod all in one. The sacrifice in weight greatly outweighs the effectiveness in getting the fish to engulf the bait.

That is the technology used in his new Corey Sanden InshorePRO™ signature rods. He and the team at Seeker have chosen a variety of rods built on S-Glass composite technology blanks that are built specifically with the inshore angler in mind. These light-weight rods are equipped with Ring-Lock Stainless Steel guides, EVA Split-Grip handles and graphite trigger reel seats. Undoubtedly the finest, most powerful American Made inshore rods in the business.

*New for 2015: Polished Stainless Fuji Alconite guides, a narrower diameter butt cap and the hook keeper moved above the fore grip.